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Re: Master vs. Amateur
Reply #1 - 01/19/08 at 17:49:38
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Perhaps. But surely the objective of Chesspub is to present opening developments rather than to demonstrate "thematic plans" or "misguided moves". We have plenty of books to help with the latter.

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Master vs. Amateur
01/19/08 at 17:36:51
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Long ago, Max Euwe realized the value of studying games between players of widely differing strengths.  For players of a certain level, these games are more instructive than studying games between two 2700+ players.  Thematic plans are more clearly demonstrated.  Misguided moves are punished instructively. 

Mikhalevski opens this month's update with the almost apologetic remark: "Usually I deal with GM games, but this time I decided to make an exception as the line that occurred in the game Pelletier,Y-Mueller,Le, Weinhachtsopen 2007, is interesting."  I would encourage him (and other contributors) to do this more often if he finds something interesting or instructive in games between masters and amateurs.
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