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Re: Kramnik Life and Games book - Classical games?
Reply #1 - 02/19/08 at 07:37:56
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I've got this book, I like it, haven't looked at it for a while so thanks for the stimulus to do so. Games up to year 2000 only, good insights into the younger Kramnik, good annotation. Only 2 games of Benko Sozin, Ivanchuk-Kramnik, Linares 1993 and Topalov-Kramnik Belgrade 1995. I think I can copy the details of all the games in the book, but not into this format, if you wanted to, send me a personal message and I could email it.

( Re your question in another thread, when I get a little more time I have been intending to list the contents of Starting Out - Classical Sicilian with a few comments)
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Kramnik Life and Games book - Classical games?
02/17/08 at 07:11:24
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My Life and Games - Kramnik, Damsky

Anyone have this?
Just wondering about coverage of Classical sicilian, specifically Benko's Qb6 versus Sozin.

K quite the guru here, (eg cracking games vs Ivanchuk, Topalov - look em up) so if sufficient games included and sufficiently analysed, could be worth a look.

Thanks in advance anyone who opines,

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