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Normal Topic 2. ... d6 against the Alapin (Read 2231 times)
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Re: 2. ... d6 against the Alapin
Reply #1 - 02/23/08 at 16:36:19
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the Chesspub E-book says: "A good way for black to avoid mainlines". It has 4.dc5 as the main move, but also mentiones 4.Bd3 cd4 followed by Nc6, Bg4.

I had a look at the online games of and strong players also tried 4...Qc7 (Cheparinov, Cifuentes, Polgar,...) which keeps all options. Black will follow up with g6, Bg7 and 0-0. White has a strong pawn center, but blacks setup looks flexible "pirc"- and "kingsindian"-like. As nothing is exchanged early this line could be a nice way to meet the c3-siclian.

Thanks for mentioning it.
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2. ... d6 against the Alapin
02/23/08 at 15:26:03
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I have explored e4 c5 c3 d6 and it seems the line with 4. Bd3 is its critical test. Any ideas against e4 c5 c3 d6 d4 Nf6 Bd3

Thanks very much
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