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Najdorf 6 f4
03/24/08 at 17:49:56
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Hi Everyone,

I am sure many of you will recognise this as the recommendation in John Nunn's seminal 'Beating the Sicilian'.

Just been looking at this and have drawn the conclusion that 6...e5 7 Nf3 Nbd7 just seems to totally equalise. However, that said, it's not an ideal situation when looking for a win.

Danny King's idea of 6... qc7 7 Nf3 nbd7 8 Bd3 g6 9 0-0 bg7 10 qe1 b5 !? is one possiblity, but 11 e5 de 12 fe  ng4 13 e6 fe 14 qe4 rather than 14 qh4 is a concern but maybe it's not too bad.

The crazy line that I found was 6..nbd7 7 be2 g6 (e5 is quite sound as is 7...e6 although I can't find any analysis on it ! Must be some somwhere!) 8 g4 !?  ( I am inclined to think this is just too aggressive but it is critical) h6  when Kiril Georgiev won a nice game as has Sadler. Anyone got any reference to  critical games in the last 10 years as this is one crazy line. I suspect this might be one of those lines that never gets played given the popularity of virtually anything else over 6 f4
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