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Normal Topic Spanish Deferred Cozio, yet again! (Read 1302 times)
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Spanish Deferred Cozio, yet again!
04/04/08 at 23:27:08
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I’ll be brief about this ’cos this is now my third 'new topic' on a variation that intrigues me. The line in question begins 3 …a6 4 Ba4 Nge7 5 0-0 g6 6 c3 Bg7 7 d4 ed 8 cd b5 (8 …0-0 is also possible, and I think interesting) 9 d5 (or 9 Bc2 0-0 10 d5 Na5 transposing) Na5 (9 …ba 10 dc is possible, but looks a bit better for White) 10 Bc2 0-0. Here 11 a4 b4 has been given as slightly better for White, but I wonder how real White’s advantage is -- Black can get very active if not watched carefully!

I can only find two games with this line, and the Russian GM Arkhipov, as Black, won both of them, against GM opponents! Both went 12 Nbd2 d6. Kupreichik--A continued 13 Re1 c6!? 14 Nb3 Nb3 15 Bb3 Bg4. Palac--A featured the (more critical?) 13 Nb3. Here, after 13 …c5 14 Na5 Qa5 15 Nd2 Qd8 16 Re1 a5 17 Nc4 (Rybka likes 17 Bd3 f5!? [=]) Ba6 18 Bb3 Nc8 19 Rb1, Black tried the tricky 19 …Nb6 20 Na5 Qc7. He was OK after 21 Be3 Na4 and went on to win, but 21 Nc6!? might(?) call Black’s idea into question, so I’m wondering also about 19 …Bc4 20 Bc4 Nb6 (21 Bb5 c4), when it seems to me Black can hold the balance. Of course there are other possibilities in this line, e.g. 14 Bd3 Bg4!? (or 14 …Bb7!?, idea …f5) 15 Na5 Qa5 16 h3 Bf3 17 Qf3 Rae8!.

It’s logical also to ask whether Black can try …c6 after 13 Nb3 too. There are some wild lines, e.g. [13 Nb3 c6] 14 Na5 Qa5 15 Bf4 (15 dc Nc6 16 Bb3 Bb7 17 Bd5 Nd8!) Rd8 16 dc Bb2 (16 …Nc6 17 Bb3 Bg4 is OK?) 17 Bb3 Bg4 18 Bf7!? Kg7. My Rybka likes 14 Bg5 Re8 15 dc Nac6 16 Rb1, when 16 …h6 then 17 …d5 may be OK?

Anyone got any thoughts on this? Whatever the final status of this line I’ve had great fun with it in blitz -- White often plays 10 Bb3?! asking for …Na5, and then sometimes omits h2--h3 permitting a killing …Bg4. But it’d be great to think it could be a good weapon in serious games as well.
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