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Normal Topic Shortage of posts in KID section? (Read 1695 times)
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Re: Shortage of posts in KID section?
Reply #1 - 05/11/08 at 16:23:03
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How about Ivanchuk - Cheparinov today? I think most strong players agreed that ...Qb6+ was the best move, but I was of the opinion that ...Qe8-g6 would be a better plan, as the queen was too far away from the action on b6. Other than that I though Black played really energetically and had great play out of the opening.
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Shortage of posts in KID section?
05/08/08 at 11:22:26
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I recently checked the KID section of the ChessPub forum to find that the last post here was dated from four days back! Surely there is still plenty of interest in the KID; it is after all one of the most popular defences to 1.d4, especially at amateur level.

I anxiously await further new posts/topics in this section of the Forum! C'mon KID fans Smiley!

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