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Re: KID books
Reply #1 - 05/23/08 at 16:12:06
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I can recommend the Golubev's book - Understanding the Kings Indian (Gambit).This book has a lot of good reviews. I got it for a while from my friend and seems superb. Unfortunately I do not play KID  Huh.
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KID books
05/17/08 at 07:37:41
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I currently only have the Everyman book : Bronstein on the King's Indian by David Bronstein

but I was looking to get another book... maybe one that just covers the lines just generally with real games. I'm really only looking for a stimulus to inspire me. I currently play the bayonet attack but i'm looking into building up a second line to have prepared as alot of the KID players know the bayonet by heart. I read alot of good posts in this section already but was hoping for some book reviews of people who actually own and have read said book.
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