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Re: Model KID Games + New KID Convert Questions
Reply #1 - 06/25/08 at 16:23:33
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I think you should start with Bronstein and Boleslavsky games but anyway this is one of my favourites. The most I like of this game is the move 13.g5 ...., beautiful.

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Model KID Games + New KID Convert Questions
06/25/08 at 16:00:52
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Hello all. I'm relatively new to the KID and I'm looking for model games. I realize this is a difficult request as what makes a model game would differ from one person to another. Specifically I'd like a game that demonstrates (relatively) recent theory and a good execution of a typical black plan. I'm specifically looking for Saemisch (probably the a6 & c6 lines) or fianchetto games (totally open to suggestions here, was considering panno). However, any KID games that you guys would recommend regardless of variation would be appreciated.

I've started playing through a bunch of radjabov's games. Any other modern heroes I should pay particular attention to?
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