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Re: Dragondorf
Reply #1 - 10/19/08 at 14:21:27
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I dont play Dragadorf variation but I know that there are some coverage here at Chesspubs Dragon subscribing section.

About chinese, are there any particellar line(s) you dont like? I always thought that Dragadorf players where afraid of 9 0-0-0 and not 9 Bc4 yugoslav
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10/19/08 at 04:39:43
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i'm looking for the latest news/info on the yugoslav attack 7.f3 a6 so-called dragondorf variation. Anyone know of the most detailed coverage? I have dearing's book. does ward or golubev cover it? How about any New In Chess or Informators or something? I need an alternative to the mainlines i play and the chinese isn't appealing to me. Thanks for the help gentlemen.
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