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Re: Two Knights Main Var, Refutation Emms/Davies
Reply #4 - 01/27/09 at 19:04:19
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This is an interesting line that reminds me a bit of the Fishing Pole line in the Ruy Lopez (1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 Nf6 4 O-O Ng4) though the 2 Knights version certainly has a better pedigree
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Re: Two Knights Main Var, Refutation Emms/Davies
Reply #3 - 01/24/09 at 17:49:19
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I played Nxh2 also myself last month but this move is so obvious that I don't understand that neither Davies nor Emms mentionned it.

Putting the position on Fritz after g3, Nxh2 appears after less than 1 second ...

I also played 11.O-O Qd6 12. Nc4 ? Nxc4 13. Bxc4 Ng4 14. g3 Nxf2 -+ a few weeks ago Smiley
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Re: Two Knights Main Var, Refutation Emms/Davies
Reply #2 - 01/24/09 at 17:14:20
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Thanks for these nice updates. Smiley

Pinski has called the Black attack "mortally dangerous" after 14. ...Ng4 (in his 2003 book The Two Knights Defense (p.51) but offered up no further analysis.)

Maybe in this line 11.0-0 is ?!


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Re: Two Knights Main Var, Refutation Emms/Davies
Reply #1 - 01/24/09 at 16:06:18
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Thx ZCC for sharing the game,
And happy to see, at least one reader payed attention. Wink
16.d4 (iso 16.Kxh2) was indeed a nasty surprise, but your variation
16.d4,exd3 17.Bf4,Qe6 18.Re1,0-0-0 fortunatley refutes it.
TonyKosten willing, it will appear in a future update of TK-survey.

As it is, I have no doubt that this variation will claim further victims,
as two GM's (Emms & Davies) have voiced -- in popular repertoire books --
that white has the advantage after 15.g3 (overlooking 15...Nxh2).

I only payed attention to 16.Kxh2,
Which can be refuted by a nice series of sacrifices.
In the earlier post on this line i wrote:

The critical line is:
Even more curious is the judgement of the line
11.0-0,Qd6 12.Ng4,Bxg4 13.Bxg4,h5 14.Be2,Ng4 15.g3 And now Davies quotes Emms! that black has still to justify his pawn-sac. But they haven't analyzed this position thouroughly.  Both are unaware that this position had already been studied some 50 years back by Keres, Euwe and Pachman (also Zagarovsky in romantic chess openings). Also note that Davies has no books of the above authors as his sources, and has no correspondence database listed either.

The critical continuation the 'new' masters missed is:

15...Nxh2 16.Kxh2,h4!! 17.Kg2,Bxf2! 18.Rxf2, hxg3!
and black has an attack that guarantees him at least a draw and probably more if white commitss the slightest inaccuracy.

In the survey for the subscribers section I provided some additional variations. Note that 18....hxg3 was a novelty, but 15....Nxh2 was noted by the old masters quoted above.
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Two Knights Main Var, Refutation Emms/Davies
01/21/09 at 09:56:02
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Hi all,

I love chess!
I love chess because a game is won only when your opponent resign (well or "mated" of course!)...also if you are prepared until move 15 by chesspublishing site&forum!  Wink  Grin

Do you remember "FORUM - Two Knights Main Var, Refutation Emms/Davies 2007" ? A beautiful and hard work by Micawber&Forum ? i hope subscribers yes!  Tongue

So I post my yesterday OTB game (im only near 2000 Elo fide and my opponent 1700!)

1. e4 e5
2. Nf3 Nc6
3. Bc4 Nf6
4. Ng5 d5
5. exd5 Na5
6. Bb5+ c6
7. dxc6 bxc6
8. Be2 h6
9. Nf3 e4
10. Ne5 Bc5
11. O-O Qd6

Well...from this position only 8 games in MegaBase 2009 and 5 in Corr 2009...

12. Ng4

Other possibility in games previuosly said: 12. Nc4 (3) , 12.Nd3 (1) , 12.d4 (1)

12. ....   Bxg4
13. Bxg4 h5
14. Be2 Ng4
15. g3 Nxh2!

None of the previous games come to this point.... I was so excited....  Cheesy  and also clock was my friend (time tournament was 90' + 30'' incr from move 1) : mine 91' left (!), his : 37 min

16. d4!?  ops...!!!  I remember only 16. ... Kxh2 .... Undecided so I must start thinking....  Grin

16. ....  exd3  

seems best....I have only FRITZ9 like analysis friend  Cry

17. Bf4  (!) in OTB play not so simple to react to....

17. .... Qe6 (!) wow! like FRITZ!?
18. Re1  (!)

18. .... Kf8 (?!) ok ok Im not FRITZ.... [18.... OOO!-+]

19. Qxd3 h4? I was still convinced to have attack ...  Embarrassed
20. Nd2 hxg3
21. Bxg3 Qh3 ??   Huh
22. Bf3 ???  was my lucky day!!! almost any another move was better!!!! but my opponent was in tremendous zeitnot!
22. ...  Qxg3+ 0-1

so...thanks to all "monthly "GM, to all the "1.e4 e5 Forum" and to Micawber for his effort !
I hope to improve my "open games"  Wink

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