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Cox's suggestion against the Albin in SO 1.d4!
02/15/09 at 02:01:50
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I've been very impressed with both Palliser's "Play 1.d4!"  Cool and Cox's "Starting Out - 1.d4!"  Cool and - whilst trying to get back into playing again after my ten year break - have been attempting to combine the two books into a repertoire for myself.

I tried Cox's suggestion against a Albin today, which is one of those annoying openings which I either do well against (by making it up as I go along!) or the game goes pear-shaped on me and I lose! (Needless to say, I have a 50-50 score against it.)

It's nice to see how a recommended line turns out in a game - even if it's only blitz... but then the opponent is used to playing their pet opening...

[Event "FICS rated blitz game"]
[Site "FICS"]
[Date "2009.02.15"]
[White "DraganGlas"]
[Black "randomgonzo"]
[Result "1-0"]
[WhiteElo "1348"]
[BlackElo "1274"]
[ECO "D08"]
[TimeControl "600+0"]
[PlyCount "45"]

1.d4 d5 2.c4 e5 3.dxe5 d4 4.Nf3 Nc6 5.Nbd2 Bg4 6.a3 Qe7 7.h3 Bh5 8.Qa4 O-O-O 9.b4 Kb8 10.g4 Bg6 11.Bb2

{So far as in one of Cox's lines, which now continued 11... f6 12.Bg2 and if 12... d3 13.ed Rxd3 "and now the surprising 14.0-0-0 leaves White far better developed" - however, my opponent left out 11... f6 and immediately played...}

11... d3 12.exd3 Bxd3 13.Bxd3 Rxd3 14.O-O-O f6 15.Rhe1 Qf7 16.e6

{16.b5 was also an option here...!}

16... Qg6 17.b5 Ne5 18.Rxe5 fxe5 19.Nxe5 Qxe6 20.Nxd3 Nf6

{Noting the back-rank possibility, I played...}

21.g5 Nd7 22.Re1 Qxh3?? 23.Re8# 1-0

This is perhaps the "cleanest" game (ie, not getting into a complete mess) against the Albin I've ever had!! Smiley

I really do like these books! Grin

Kindest regards,

Dragan Glas
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