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Normal Topic Thoughts on Van Wely DVD on Sveshnikov (Read 1759 times)
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Re: Thoughts on Van Wely DVD on Sveshnikov
Reply #1 - 02/21/09 at 23:02:38
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This review gives the DVD 3 stars out of 5 (I assume this is the review you referred to).

Generally speaking, an opening book gives you more theoretical information than a DVD, although some of the DVD's do a good job of exemplifying the main ideas.

'The Easiest Sicilian' and 'Starting Out: The Sveshnikov' should provide you with ample theory to play the Sveshnikov. However, if you play the Novosibirsk Variation as Black, then you should have a look at Anand-Radjabov from the first round of Linares 2009, where Radjabov tried the new move 28...Bf8, but it didn't work out. Kolev/Nedev prefer 23...e4!; Anand had probably prepared something against this, though.

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Thoughts on Van Wely DVD on Sveshnikov
02/17/09 at 14:25:15
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I've only seen one review of this DVD and it was so-so; if anyone has Van Wely's DVD, I'd appreciate thoughts on whether it would be a good primer for someone who is looking for a general overview from both sides of the board  (like me Smiley ).

I know Shirov has one out also, but I have his DVD on the Najdorf and I thought it was somewhat superficial (this may be the minority view on this DVD). I have Mr. Kasparov's 3-set tome which I found more helpful (even if he does go through some of the lines at lightening speed!), so anything might appear superficial compared to that 10-12 hour extravaganza!  I have The Easiest Sicilian and the Starting Out book already, but I enjoy popping in a DVD as a quick 15-20 minute lesson or refresher on some lines from time to time.
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