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Normal Topic QGA - sidelines against Classical system (Read 1462 times)
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QGA - sidelines against Classical system
03/28/09 at 19:12:59
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I was thinking of including QGA to my black repertoire.
I like the resulting positions because white can easily make a mistake if he doesn't know his stuff, but was wondering if any of you know of (or better yet play) something against the Classical system except the usual stuff.
Reason for this is:
1) I don't like to learn tons of theory which I am often not even likely to use against my opposition.
2) I don't like when other player has many different set-ups against me, and that indeed is the case with the Classical system (unless black chooses some of the sidelines).

I have Sakaev's and Semkov's QGA book from 2005 and while they offer some of the sidelines to the Classical system these systems don't seem theoretically solid enough (or are yet unexplored at the time of writing).

Any suggestions? Thanks
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