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Normal Topic Equalize in accelerated classical Pirc(5.Be3 6.h3) (Read 2161 times)
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Re: Equalize in accelerated classical Pirc(5.Be3 6.h3)
Reply #1 - 06/02/09 at 22:10:22
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See the thread "Roman's analysis of the Pirc"

Also this game for another option


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Those who want to go by my perverse footsteps play such pawn structure with fuzzy atypical still strategic orientations

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Equalize in accelerated classical Pirc(5.Be3 6.h3)
06/02/09 at 20:07:46
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I've read DiePircDie recently and this stuff amazed a lot. My beloved Pirc was in dark clouds for a moment.

Inn all variations authors really soundly refuting Pirc! Sad
However, I must admit that I suppose to find an improvement for Black.

As we all have seen the critical defence is 5.Be3 0-0 6.h3 Nc6!?, and now
From the point of view of authors of DiePircDie the most accurate  variation for White is:
7. Bb5 a6 8.Bxc6 bxc 9. 0-0

They came to conclusion that White has an edge here after 9...Nd7 or 9...Rb8, but they not even mentioned 9...Bb7!? In my view after 9...Bb7 Black equalizes easily. The idea behind this Bb7 move is taking a pressure to e4 pawn after Black's c5 move. So White only reasonable move is:
9...Bb7 10. Qd3 a5!? (with the idea of Ba6 or a4-a3)

from my piont of view I prefer Black position after the critical 6... Nc6!? and  9... Bb7 move with the plan of advancing the a pawn and later freeing the bishops. Black has an easy game for me, and I prefer Black!

I looking for different opinions on this subject
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