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Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies) Computers, Analysis and Theory (Read 21138 times)
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Computers, Analysis and Theory
06/17/09 at 15:45:55
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Moderator's note:  The initial posts were modified by one moderator then removed by me.  Gambit started the thread with an off-color joke and then discussed his upcoming article about chess. I have removed references to that joke but left the chess content unchanged.~SF

Lev, I look forward to your article, but by this quote:

Also, I answer my critics in that newsletter...

...that you don't just intend to take swipes at those who have posted analyses disproving the validity of your sacrifice, in a forum where they have no clear right to reply. That would be very disappointing.

Also, I wonder what place your personal opinion of computer analysis really has in an article on a chess opening, but any further discussion on that can wait until the article is seen and the context of the discussion can be observed. Again, I just hope it is done tastefully rather than being a swipe at all those who dare to use a computer to double-check ideas.
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