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Re: Taylor's Budapest Book - disappointing
Reply #2 - 10/19/09 at 17:57:50
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Bibs wrote on 10/19/09 at 14:10:50:
Consequently  adopt a patronising tone as if speaking to someone's dog.

Patronising means to talk down to somebody bibs.  Anyway, fetch me that stick.  "I don't call you f**k face" - GM Nigel Short.
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Re: Taylor's Budapest Book - disappointing
Reply #1 - 10/19/09 at 14:47:00
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Oh, I agree that Taylor's writing style can be annoying (perhaps some find it endearing, but I didn't).  Still I don't think that the chess in this book is total crap.  He has some interesting ideas about 4.e4, for instance; and I think he's right that the exchange of bishops on d2 in the Nbd2 main line isn't good for Black.

Anyone's fascination with this defense puzzles me a little bit, however, since it looks like a recipe for a solid but slightly worse middle game without any winning chances to make up for it.  Definitely not something to play against a worse player, I opine.

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Taylor's Budapest Book - disappointing
10/19/09 at 14:10:50
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Frankly, rather dismal.

1. Poor analysis.
d4 Nf6
c4 e5
de5 Ng4
Bf4 g5
Bg3 Bg7
Nf3 Nc6
h4 Nge5
Ne5 Ne5
hg5 Nc4
Nc3 c6
e4 Nb2
Qd2  "Moskalenko suggest 12...d5 here ...but does not consider white's simplest answer, namely 13 exd5

Well the point partly would be that ...d5 prevents the killer 13 Na4 Ba1 14 Bd6 which is the reaction to 12...Na4.

So obviously look at ...Na4 now that Bd6 can't be played. Good? Bad? Unclear? No he doesn't look. Pity as this a key line to keep ...g5 going. Rybka is unsure.

2. Too many mentions and games of his wife. Tiresome. Who no doubt is charming. But very low rated. Many chess authors I am sure have utterly delightful wives. But they need not appear in chess books.

3. Too many of his games where he blows his own trumpet. I win again. Yay! I must show everyone. The most ridiculous is:

1. d4 Nf6
2. c4 e5
3. d5 b5
4 c5?? Bc5

Online blitz. Mouse slip presumably. Pawn lost at move 4. Game included in full. Sensible game by GM Goldin relegated to notes.

4. Unfortunate writing style. Akin to that of occasional new trainee teachers who get off on a power trip of being 'teacher'. Adopts a patronising tone as if speaking to someone's dog. Quite grating.


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