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Normal Topic C47: Belgrade Gambit Refutation? (Read 3869 times)
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Re: Belgrade Gambit Refutation?
Reply #1 - 08/29/10 at 06:46:13
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The book had the effect good books usually have: it made the stupids more stupid, the intelligent more intelligent and the other thousands of readers remained unchanged.
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C47: Belgrade Gambit Refutation?
08/29/10 at 02:23:58
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Does anyone know of a true refutation of the Belgrade Gambit that guarantees Black an advantage? Most sources recommend 5...Be7 but show that White can equalize.

I've looked at 5...Nxe4 and 5...Nb4 and don't see how White can equalize. Do you think these moves refute the Belgrade Gambit?
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