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A wonderful game
12/17/10 at 15:35:13
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A really wonderful game from Hou Yifan (white) vs Konera Humpy in the women world championchips

1.e4 e5 2.Sf3 Sc6 3.Lb5 Sf6 4.0-0 Sxe4 5.d4 Sd6 6.Lxc6 dxc6 7.dxe5 Sf5 8.Dxd8+ Kxd8 9.Sc3 Ke8 10.Se2 Le7 11.b3 a5 12.a4 Le6 13.Lb2 h5 14.Sfd4 Sxd4 15.Sxd4 Td8 16.Sxe6 fxe6 17.Tad1 Kf7 18.g3 Lb4 19.Kg2 Ld2 20.Kf3 Td5 21.Ke2 Thd8 22.c4 T5d7 23.Lc1 Lc3 24.Txd7+ Txd7 25.f4 g6 26.Tf3 Lb4 27.Td3 Txd3 28.Kxd3 Le7 29.Le3 c5 30.Ke4 b6 31.Kf3 Lf8 32.g4 Le7 33.Kg3 c6 34.Kh3 Ld8 35.Lf2 Lc7 36.Lh4 hxg4+ 37.Kxg4 Kg7 38.Lf6+ Kf7 39.Lh4 Kg7 40.Lf6+ Kf7 41.Kg5 b5 42.Kh6 bxa4 43.bxa4 Lb6 44.Le7 Lc7 45.Lxc5 Ld8 46.Lf2 Le7 47.c5 Lf8+ 48.Kg5 Le7+ 49.Kg4 Ke8 50.Le1 Lxc5 51.Lxa5 Le7 52.Kf3 Kd7 53.Ke4 c5 54.Kd3 Kc6 55.Kc4 Lh4 56.Ld2 Lf2 57.h3 Lg1 58.Lc1 Lf2 59.Ld2 Lg1 60.Kd3 Lf2 61.Le3 Le1 62.Kc4 Lb4 63.Lf2 Kb6 64.Le3 Kc6 65.Lg1 Kb6 66.Lf2 Kc6 67.Lh4 Ld2 68.Lg5 Le1 69.Le7 Lf2 70.a5 Le3 71.Lg5 Lf2 72.h4 Lg3 73.a6 Lf2 74.h5 gxh5 75.f5 exf5 76.e6 Lg3 77.e7 Kd7 78.a7 1-0
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