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Normal Topic Black sacs 3 pawns in Budapest Declined 3. d5 b5!? (Read 2226 times)
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Black sacs 3 pawns in Budapest Declined 3. d5 b5!?
06/12/11 at 20:42:19
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1. d4 Nf6  2. c4 e5  3. d5 b5 is a new way for Black to counter declining the Budapest with 3. d5.

In the following line (not all of which is necessarily  forced) after 3...b5  4. cxb5 a6  5. bxa6 Black can play 5...Bb4+ and then after 6. Nc3 c6  7. dxc6 d5 he is for the time being three pawns down, and all indications are, using a couple of engines to assist me in drawing this conclusion, that Black's position is playable.  Indeed, two of the pawns sacrificed probably fall under what Spielmann called "sham sacrifices", but still, can the position about after 7...d5 really be playable?  If not of course Black has recourse to the seemingly more sane 5...Bxa6 or even 5...c6!?
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