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Re: Belgrade gambit
Reply #1 - 06/13/11 at 12:58:58
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An extensive discussion of the Belgrade has already taken place in this thread:

There you can see that 5... Be7 6.Nxd4 0-0 7.Nb5 isn´t considered best for White. If you want to develop quickly why do you waste your time with Nxd4-b5 especially when taking on c7 is no good? After your suggestion 7... Bc5 8.Be2 Nxd5 9.Qxd5 I can see no real pressure on Blacks position who intends to continue development with d6 and Be6, e.g. 9... d6 10.Bg5 Qd7 11.0-0 a6 12.Nc3 Nd4 and White is driven backwards since the Queen isn´t feeling comfortable on d5 anymore.
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C47: Belgrade gambit
06/13/11 at 12:26:56
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Hi ,
This is THORK . I want to update ideas from the Belgrade gambit 1.e4 - e5 2. Nf3 - Nc6  3. Nc3 - Nf6 4 . d4 - exd4 5 . Nd5 ... At chesspublishing I found only one article about this interesting gambit in which they offer an important preparation by Howell . In that line the game was like this 5 ... Be7 6 . Nxd4 - 0-0 7 . Nb5 - Bc5 !? ( Howell´s novelty ) . At this point , I´ve been working with the computer taking my own conclusions . I like 8 . Be2 and the reasons are :
a ) Rapid development is the key when we play a gambit .
b ) We are closer to the short castling and that solves all lines in which black attack f2 square with Nxe4 .
c ) In case black capture on d5 ( 8 ... Nxd5 ) , we can recapture with the queen keeping an 4 vs 3 pawn advantage in the kingside and  pressure along the d file .
d ) I consider 8 . Nxc7 a bad move because initiates an attack when the King´s position is not ok yet . Also uncoordinate white pieces .

Hope to hear soon from you chess family !

Best regards !

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