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Re: Tango 4...Na5
Reply #1 - 04/20/12 at 18:48:45
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I never saw 4...Na5 played in this exact position. And I think 5.e3 is the move to be considered best here. Now if 5...b6 then the simple 6.b4 gives white an extra space for free on the queen's side. While 5...d5 (which looks the only good move in this position) leads to += after say 6.Qa4+ Nc6 (6...c6 7.c5 b5 8.Qc2 and the black knight looks awkward) 7.b4 Bd7 8.Qc2.. I always liked extra space.  Wink
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Tango 4...Na5
04/20/12 at 16:58:59
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As I was prepping my white repertoire for possible black responses, I spotted a move in the Tango.  1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 Nc6 3 Nf3 e6 4 a3 Na5.  Black takes aim at the c4 square in the style of Nimzovich, and could follow up with ...b6 ...Ba6.  I am having trouble refuting the move.  It seems that all white's ways of defending c4 are awkward, and the knight is useful and safe on a5.
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