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Re: New ...a5 & ...a4 plan in the Yusupov Colle
Reply #1 - 09/26/13 at 11:56:02
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George Jempty wrote on 09/26/13 at 02:09:07:
I think 11...a4 is new

Todorovic played it against Ristic in 1992, but it seems like a good idea - Mickey Adams has also played 10...a5 but then 11...Ne7.
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New ...a5 & ...a4 plan in the Yusupov Colle
09/26/13 at 02:09:07
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Just played a game as follows, had hopes of still having some play after neutralizing White's K-side build up but looks like White has a forced draw now.

I think 11...a4 is new

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