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Re: Chess input optimization.
Reply #1 - 09/04/14 at 15:33:08
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I think an increment or 5-second delay solves the issue as far as OTB games are concerned.
Your point was particularly well illustrated in the famous Krush vs. Zatonskih 5/0 blitz final to decide the US Women's Champion (!).
I don't take online play seriously but some online blitz specialists consider the mouse-handling aspects to be part of the game.  Even for online blitz, i prefer a delay/increment as a solution.

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Chess input optimization.
09/04/14 at 14:53:11
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I've often wondered about different input possibilities and I think it raises some interesting practical and philosophical questions.

I don't know what if any chess regulations there are for such things for serious competitions, but I think it's worth investigating, especially before such things become set in stone by the big servers and federations like FIDE.

I believe that increasing input efficiency could greatly improve the quality and beauty of blitz games - in <=5 minute games it very often comes down to who can move the mouse more quickly and how motivated/lazy people are doing it. Chess should not be about moving the mouse quickly. There are obvious ways to boost speed in what can only be described as fair if everyone is doing it that way, and there are others that might be questionable.

For example when you have only one legal move left should it be possible to premove there automatically? Software prevents you from making illegal moves, and it allows premoves, why not go all the way and save you all of that? 

Some internet clients allow multiple premove and cancel the rest if one doesn't come off. But what sort of if-else calculations should be available to someone? A practical use for this would be a situation where one person has a lot of time left while the other is about to run out, the person about to run out might want to compose these if-else moves. 

Suppose there's one possible capture on the board, why not allow a simple hit of a single button to instantly take it? You could have a couple of different keys for different moves.
Playing this way relies much more on reaction and intention rather than on mouse skill and should imo be implemented in clients as standard.

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