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Re: Negi DVD: The modern Scotch opening
Reply #2 - 10/23/14 at 08:05:42
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Can you say anything about the contents? The description on the Chessbase website gave the impression, that the DVD offers an historical wrap-up of the development of the opening. Is that correct? Does it offer repertoire choiced? Is it biased to white or black?

Thank you very much Smiley
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Re: Negi DVD: The modern Scotch opening
Reply #1 - 10/22/14 at 17:27:20
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It relation to other CB DVDs that I have, the quality of this one is pretty good. Only minor quibbles with some of the content so far, and that's after a lot digging. This DVD is pretty extensive and contains a lot of chapters - also included (I wish they did this more) is a separate DB of important games, and another full of extra analysis not covered in the DVD.

Pretty good all around - Negi is a pretty great theoretician - you sort of get the impression that he's deeply studied this stuff for his own games and notes and that he's just releasing all of it now because he's mostly retiring from competitive chess.
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Negi DVD: The modern Scotch opening
10/02/14 at 15:59:05
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Hi, is this DVD worth buying?

(Parimarjan Negi, The modern scotch opening, Chessbase-DVD)

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