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Re: Transferring ChessBase Activation Code
Reply #1 - 03/26/15 at 23:15:37
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You can deactivate ChessBase on your old computer before activating it on the new one so the total number of activations stays under the limit, whatever it is (2?).

Once my computer just flat-out died so I didn't have a chance to deactivate ChessBase on it first, and when I wrote to ChessBase support they increased the number of simultaneous activations I could have.
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Transferring ChessBase Activation Code
03/26/15 at 21:08:48
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Today I buy myself a new laptop because, to put it mildly, my old laptop (the one that I am using right now) is on life support. Its disc drive is failed, and to get this laptop to work, I had to reboot manually (pressing the off and on button) more than 20 times because it freezes most of the time after 5 minutes use. It also cannot shut down.

I have all of my ChessBase on this laptop, including the software of ChessBase 13, but also some DVD's where you need to enter the long PIN code to activate.

I have my databases backed up, so that is not the problem.

Is it possible to use the same codes that came with my ChessBase 13 disc when I install it on my new laptop? I still have the ChessBase 13 package with the disc and the long activation code. Also for the DVDs (both download and disc version) that I bought with ChessBase, are the DVD activation codes still going to work on my new laptop? Has anyone tried this before?
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