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Re: Taking notes
Reply #2 - 03/29/15 at 21:38:56
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I'd personalize it and talk about your genuine interpretations and feelings about moves/positions. Not just paraphrase from a book (or even your own analysis) "bishop is good here because...", but your subjective thoughts on the position. That'll make it a lot easier to go back over. I spent quite a bit of time taking notes recently and found I don't want to go over them again at all and I think it's because it's stuff in the books and probably laid out better there.

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Re: Taking notes
Reply #1 - 03/29/15 at 17:49:40
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I've always labored under the premise that writing things helps record the information in yet another part of a large and complex neural network and leads to a greater chance of equifinality when it comes time to recall and apply learned information.
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Taking notes
03/29/15 at 06:18:24
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Sometimes I have started to make notes of my chess studies. But have never continued to this. After some time I loose my interest and stop doing this. Because if you make notes, you also have to read them. But I feel it's boring, and I rather read new material.

After reading, I again start to think about writing notes.
Is it worthwhile spending time on writing notes (and reading them)?
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