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Normal Topic Advice for a convert to black in Alartortsev (Read 1829 times)
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Advice for a convert to black in Alartortsev
07/14/15 at 19:19:35
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Has anyone any advice from experience on the black side of 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Be7 ed 5.Bf4 c6 6.Qc2 as to which variation to explore ? Janjgava gives 6..., g6 and 6..., Bd6 but seems to favour 6..., Bg4 without clearly recommending it. He gives 7.e3 Bh5 8.Bd3 Bg6 9.Bg6 hg 10.f3 Bd6 but doesn't mention 10.0-0-0, as in Carlsen v. Nakamura.
Watson says 6..., g6 7.e3 Bf5 8.Qd2 Nf6 9.f3 0-0 10.g4 Be6 11.Nge2 will be okay for Black but only quotes 11..., c5?!
My project for this "close" season is to try the QGD Tartakower following John Cox but playing the Exchange main line. This is as a change from my usual Chebanenko Slav. So I'm hoping to poach from someone here's experience.
The 6..., g6 line seems to have been played by a lot of quality players but all the games I can find in the line I've given above seem complex but not ending well for Black. I'm going to go with the 6..., Bg4 line failing any advice to the contrary !
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