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Re: 8... h5 Najdorf
Reply #1 - 06/27/17 at 09:18:15
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You can stop this plan forever, by playing h5-h4. This is of course a huge consession by black, who will probably never castle, but it poses problems to White - how to come up with a new plan.

See games of Gelfand. They are very instructive.
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8... h5 Najdorf
11/22/15 at 23:51:30
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Hi All,

I'm playing in a tournament soon and I think I will have a couple of English Attack games. I think that they will go 9. Qd2 against 8... h5. What's the best way to play against this plan where White castles queen side and goes h3-Rg1-g4? Maybe the engine is good against it but in OTB...
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