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Re: Adelaide Counter Gambit
Reply #1 - 05/06/16 at 02:28:16
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I agree: there are just too many interesting lines against the King's Gambit, though I do think that a well-prepared King's Gambit player can still survive.  On the Adelaide, there have been two very good articles by Piotr Wolochowicz in New in Chess Yearbooks #108 and #114:

I personally enjoy playing 2...Nc6 and it definitely has served me well.  I also have a couple articles on it:
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Adelaide Counter Gambit
05/02/16 at 23:02:13
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There have been very few recent game in this, which is also attributed to Australian IM Alex Wohl, the late Tony Miles and Wahls of Germany.

I don't think there's a direct refutation, but it's competing with any number of other decent lines against the Kings Gambit.
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