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Re: The Complete Polar Bear System by Danielsen
Reply #1 - 11/02/16 at 15:57:01
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Low quality book. Poor English, editing, analysis & layout.

The content is largely from internet blitz games. It is a fun system, especially for blitz. However many of his reccomendations are simply better for black when seriously analysed.
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The Complete Polar Bear System by Danielsen
05/05/16 at 15:13:09
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GM Henrik Danielsen released "The Complete Polar Bear System - Strong & potent!" (P. 322)

Surprisingly From's Gambit is missing. In the preface he wrote: "...Nevertheless here is a complete book of the Polar Bear System, with a full covering of 1 f4 d5."


01 Preface
02 Introduction
03 Type Positions
04 A 8...d4
05 B 8...Re8
06 C 8...b6
07 D 8...Bg4
08 E 8...Bf5
09 F 8...Qc7
10 G 8...a6
11 H 8...Rb8
12 Set ups with Nh6
13 Hunting with 1 f4
14 Vol.2
15 Type Positions
16 Part 1 - Black plays an early ...Bg4
17 Part 2 - Early b6 by Black
18 Part 3 - Early c7-c6 and Qd8-b6
19 Part 4 - Early e7-e5
20 Part 5 - Nc6 and Bg4 or Bf5
21 Part 6 - Odds and Ends
22 Part 7 - Hunting with 1 f4
23 In Conclusion

Im not an expert on the Leningrad Dutch, but I was curious about the book, because some years ago he published some (free) videos on the "Polar Bear System".
I like his entertaining style and I bought his book for entertainment. Maybe I will use this repertoire for blitz games.
In the book you can find his best games with the "Polar bear System", including internet games, but also Kramnik vs Deep Junior 6, Dortmund 2000 and Anand vs Fritz primegy.

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