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Re: Illegal castle
Reply #1 - 05/21/16 at 16:31:19
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In a FIDE tournament game:

7.5.a) If during a game it is found that an illegal move has been completed, the position immediately before the irregularity shall be reinstated. If the position immediately before the irregularity cannot be determined, the game shall continue from the last identifiable position prior to the irregularity. Articles 4.3 and 4.7 apply to the move replacing the illegal move. The game shall then continue from this reinstated position.

7.5.b) After the action taken under Article 7.5.a, for the first completed illegal move by a player the arbiter shall give two minutes extra time to his opponent; for the second completed illegal move by the same player the arbiter shall declare the game lost by this player. However, the game is drawn if the position is such that the opponent cannot checkmate the player’s king by any possible series of legal moves.

In a USCF tournament game:

11A. Illegal move during last ten moves. If, during a game, it is found that one of either player's last ten moves was illegal, the position shall be reinstated to what it was before the illegal move. The game shall then continue by applying Rule 10, The Touched Piece, to the move replacing the illegal move. If the position cannot be reinstated, then the illegal move shall stand. Move counters on clocks that have them may by readjusted.

11B. Illegal move prior to last ten moves. If it is found that an illegal move was made prior to each player's last ten moves, the illegal move shall stand and the game shall continue.

11D. Illegal move. If, a player completes an illegal move by pressing the clock, in addition to the usual obligation to make a legal move with the touched piece if possible, the standard penalty specified in rule 1C2a applies (i.e. two minutes added to the opponent's clock).
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Illegal castle
05/21/16 at 16:02:50
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I was playing a game where my opponent castles many moves after he moved his king out of check. Neither of us realized until this until I had after put him in checkmate. What is the rule on this. Thanks
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