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Re: Playing the Grunfeld
Reply #1 - 06/03/16 at 20:57:34
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I don't think the promised update from Svidler has appeared.

If you're looking for material beyond the excellent work by Flear here, Avrukh's books are a natural suggestion and I liked Vigorio's Chess Developments book on the Grunfeld.
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Playing the Grunfeld
06/03/16 at 16:43:16
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For all of my playing career I have played the King's Indian, but recently I have been considering switching to a defense that suits my style better. I enjoy playing open, tactical positions and I feel that the Grunfeld would be a good match for my style, apart from having a good theoretical standing.

If I do decide to take up the Grunfeld, I would be using the chess24 series by Svidler. I have a few questions related to that as well as the Grunfeld in general. IIRC there was an update released of the series by Svidler recently. Is that included in the video series? Additionally, is there anything apart from Chesspublishing that it would be useful to have as a supplement? Any other questions, comments, or concerns that are related are appreciated. By the way, my FIDE rating is around 2200 if that is relevant.
Thanks in advance.
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