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Re: Spectacular Game in the Barry
Reply #1 - 11/13/16 at 18:03:02
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Wow, brutal.
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Spectacular Game in the Barry
10/11/16 at 09:11:09
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There's a game in the recently concluded Isle of Man tournament Bachmann, Axel (PAR) - Praggnanandhaa, R (IND) which is likely to appear in many chess publications. An experienced GM facing the world's youngest IM attempts to win in a normal Barry manner only to be hacked off the board.

I was impressed by Black's idea of 9. .. c4 which sets up an easy to follow, if not to play, hack against White's King. It's nice to know that the obvious classic set up of pawns on c5, d5 with Knights to c6 and f6, a fianchettoed Bishop on g7 and King side castling can work well.
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