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Rilton Cup 46 (Stockholm, 27/12-5/1)
12/29/16 at 19:54:42
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The highlight of chess in Northern Europe during the winter season, strong tournament Rilton Cup, is being played in the Swedish capital right now.
FM Martin Lokander is the commentator and he has with him each day an expert. Also players regularly come to the commentary room in order to show their games when they've won.

Rilton Cup website:
Rilton Cup Youtube Channel:

Commentary Schedule (starts 15.00 GMT+1, except R9):

27/12     GM Ulf Andersson (in swedish)
28/12     GM Ulf Andersson (in swedish)
29/12     GM Harry Schüssler (english)
30/12     GM Harry Schüssler (english)
31/12      Rest day
1/1         GM Harry Schüssler (english)
2/1         GM Ferdinand Hellers(dunno hopefully english)
3/1         GM Nils Grandelius (english)
4/1         GM Nils Grandelius (english)
5/1         GM Nils Grandelius (english) (R9 commentary starts 12.00)

Have a nice day.
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