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Status of Morozevich's 9...g5
12/31/16 at 12:17:32
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What is the theoretical status of Morozevich's 9...g5 in the 7...a6 line of the Steinitz/Boleslavsky?  Below I'm giving the score from a FICGS game of mine below (where I now have a forced checkmate) where I innovate with 11.Nexd4.

Using Komodo 10 I calculated the long forcing line from the game 11...gxf4 12_Bxf4 Bg7 13 Qe3 Qxb2 14 Rd1 where at depth over 40 the engine gave 3 alternatives for Black:

  • 14...Nf8 (+0.74 for White)
  • 14...Nxd4 (+0.7)
  • 14...Ne7 (+0.45)

Feeling I had a nice edge in the first two, I decided to concentrate on Black's third alternative, and letting Komodo analyze to a depth of almost 50 it evaluated 15.Be2 as 0.9 in White's favor.  By the way, my opponent played none of the above, instead castling into an attack with 14...0-0

Do these findings essentially refute 9...g5.  Was there already some existing analysis of my 11.Nexd4.

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