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Chessgames vs 365chess
01/29/17 at 01:20:34
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I intend to use/test either 365Chess or Chessgames as an aid when developing my opening repertoires. I find it it difficult to choose one of them.
If you would like to have full functionality the cost is: 15$/year for and 29$/year for
Financially it is no problem having both but you will invest a lot of time, learning and using both of them. Time I don’t want to invest and consequently will choose one of them.
I am also asking myself if these sites will add anything that Chessbase doesn’t already have? Excluding the price of course.
I have tested Chessgames for some limited time and found the explorer very good and easy to use. The possibility to maintain collections of games also seems to be very useful. Currently I’m very active with Chessbase, Chess Position Trainer and occasionally also using COW.

Is there anyone with experience of one or of both of these sites and would be so kind and share some pros and cons? It would be much appreciated.

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