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Normal Topic ChessBase DVD's on 2.Bf4 (Read 2072 times)
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Re: ChessBase DVD's on 2.Bf4
Reply #1 - 05/03/17 at 20:03:14
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I think that neither of these DVD's will play on the telly as a normal video so personally I would stay clear.

That said I'd be curious what Simon Williams has to say, but out of principal I wouldnt go near a DVD limited to a propietary format like these.
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ChessBase DVD's on 2.Bf4
04/25/17 at 08:47:37
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In 2016 ChessBase published a Davies' DVD and now they have published another DVD by Williams. Any comments about the repertoires, level of explanations, supposed level of the target audience, etc.? The difference(s) between the two DVD's? Pro's and con's?
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