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Normal Topic Komodo won't analyze the first 35 moves? (Read 1335 times)
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Re: Komodo won't analyze the first 35 moves?
Reply #1 - 06/19/17 at 08:04:43
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Did you try to switch off the opening reference? See

I fully understand the need to analyze beyond where theory ends. However I do a lot of it manually as you can't get a good picture of an opening/ theory by just leaving it up to a blunder check/ compare analysis.
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Komodo won't analyze the first 35 moves?
06/19/17 at 06:14:04
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I own Komodo 9. I tell Komodo to perform a Compare Analysis (or a Blunder Check) on the whole game (starting with final move, stepping through the moves backward toward move 1).
Unfortunately, Komodo refuses.

Instead, Komodo stops after analyzing Black's 18th move. This leaves 35 moves un-analyzed (or 17.5 move-pairs).  Sad I want Komodo to analyze the whole game.

Apparently Komodo stops analyzing when the position, or the remaining move sequence, already exists in the database. But I don't care whether it already exists or not.

HOW can I make Komodo analyze the whole game?

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