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Normal Topic Seirawan's Anti-Nimzo from White's perspective (Read 2613 times)
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Re: Seirawan's Anti-Nimzo from White's perspective
Reply #1 - 07/12/17 at 22:08:54
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I don't see the reward in playing this way as White. All of Black's moves are very natural and easy to find, and at the end of your line White has compensation for his pawn deficit at best. You want to find lines where Black has to play difficult to find or unnatural moves to stay alive, but this all looks very easy for the second player.   3...c5 is a very serious problem as well where I fail to find anything for White.   From a practical (not to mention theoretical) point of view, I don't see anything here for the White side.

I'd recommend the line Seirawan played against Timman in their match if you want an offbeat Bg5 system against the Nimzo. I've advocated for that line in past threads (on mobile and hard to search for them or post moves).
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Seirawan's Anti-Nimzo from White's perspective
07/12/17 at 21:28:05
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I'm talking about 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Bg5. I'd like to try and make this into a decent white weapon. It has move order benefits (play whatever you like against the QGD/Benoni). It also seems principled from a first glance: don't block the c-pawn, fight for e4.

I haven't found that much written about this. I have Cox's black repertoire book against d4 sidelines. A quick forum search found something from Black's perspective where Cox's recommendation we re-recommended.

First thing's first: trying something new in the mainline, if there is such a thing. I'm talking about what was recommended by Cox. Cox does analyse this to an endgame, and the analysis holds up well as far as I can tell. But I thought there's a pawn sacrifice on the 12th move that I thought could be worth a try for white, and wanted to get people's opinions on it (see some superficial analysis below).

Any thoughts on the line in general? Other potential ways for black to get an easy game? I'm happy to try and dig deep and defend white's cause here with some cold hard analysis, but having others on the forum as analytic sparring partners would be welcomed!

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