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Normal Topic Books advocating Bf4 vs the Grunfeld for White (Read 3661 times)
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Re: Books advocating Bf4 vs the Grunfeld for White
Reply #1 - 11/24/17 at 22:43:01
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The only one that comes to mind is Attacking with 1.d4 by Dunnington.

But it's not exactly recent (2001 or thereabouts), so you're probably better off digging into ChessPublishing and checking out the coverage in more recent Black repertoires.

Edit: I notice that Andreas van Schyndel: Anzugsvorteil II. Druck machen mit 1.d4 is much more recent and gives 4.Bf4 Bg7 5.e3.

But we've discussed that book before, so I guess you're aware of that.

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Books advocating Bf4 vs the Grunfeld for White
11/24/17 at 21:18:04
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Is anyone aware of a few good repertoire books advocating the Bf4 line vs the Grunfeld? I mean, before or after Nf3. I vaguely remember at least one such book being written, but unfortunately forgot the title. Thx.
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