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Re: Arena GUI
Reply #1 - 12/12/17 at 16:55:44
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There's a free program called Lucas Chess that seems made to enable play human vs engine - there are some not too strong engine installed I think. I have hardly used it, but it seemed reasonably intuitive to get started...

If you install Stockfish, I think you change the strength in the engine configuration settings - probably the same in Arena too.
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Arena GUI
12/08/17 at 22:26:36
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Hello: Anyone using this? And do you know how to set handicapped levels so you can play against an engine like Stockfish? Want this for practice games.

Used to use Fritz 10 and you could use Stockfish in it and then set the ELO to get a playable game. But I am told Fritz 10 will not work well with Windows 10 hence why I am trying a different GUI.

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