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Re: engines in Winboard
Reply #1 - 01/12/18 at 20:15:43
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Have you tried reading at the winboard forum?

For example, the post on How to set up Pro Deo in Winboard. It is for a different engine, but the steps should be similar for any Winboard engine, I would think.
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engines in Winboard
01/12/18 at 07:21:38
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I have Winboard installed in a directory called D:/Program files/Winboard and engines. In this directory I have (to give one example) made a sub-directory called Crafty 23.0 and extracted Crafty into it from the zip file. I tentatively assume that the reason Crafty, unlike the preloaded Fairy-Max, won't now start from the manager is that I need to write something in the manager in the 'Command line options' box. But what? I can't seem to find this out by looking in Crafty's 'Read me' file, and the same is true for all other engines! (I notice that Gnuchess 4 and 5, preloaded in Winboard like Fairy-Max, also have nothing written in this box and also won't work, so how do I discover what I should write for them, if this is the problem?)

Second question -- once I can get engines to work, how do I associate opening books with them? Do I simply copy the book to the same sub-directory as the engine, or do I need to do something more? (And will opening books of all types work, or just those with a .BIN suffix?)
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