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Drasko Winawer
01/12/18 at 07:24:40
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I looked a little last update ... from kgwm.

Good work  Cool

I would lile to know kgwm point of view about the line:

16.Bc1 Bd7 17.a4 Rd8 18.Qd2 Kh7 19.Ba3 Bc8 20.Bd1 Qg7 21.Re1 Rdf8 22.Bd6 b6 23.Rb1 Qf6 24.Ne5

I put in bold key moves:
- Qd2 is to lead Black for a specific line (protect h6 with king)
- Bd1 is a 3-moves trick with Re1-Re2 to protect f2 square and prepare Ne5 in good conditions

I don't know if White can win but ending position is += and somewhat passive for Black

Another plan for White is not given by kgwm but has been commented in one O.Renet paper (I don't remember: Europe Echecs ?):

16.Bc1 Bd7 17.Ne1!?      Ponomariov-Ivanchuk,Linares 2002 (O.Renet)

and what's about the 16.Bd2 (instead of Bc1)...I know off-topic for the update (plan is a4 and Ba3-Bd6 for a e5 control):

16.Bd2 Bd7 17.Ne1 Qg7 18.f4 Nf5 19.g3 Nd6 20.Ng2 Kh8 21.Ne3 Raf8 22.Bf3 Henrichs-Wempe,Hoogevens 2005
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