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help me.
01/12/18 at 07:28:32
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1.e4.c5 2. nf3d6 3.d4cd 4.nd4 nf6 5. nc3 g6 6be2 bg7 7.00 nc6 8nb3 00 9re1 a6 10.bf1 b5 11 nd5 e6 (nd7 12bg5 h6 bh4 g5 bg3 e6 may be better)12nf6 bf6 13 c3 qc7 14bh6 rd8 15qf3 be7 16qg3 e5 17 f4 ef 18bf4 be6 19nc5 be5 20nd3bg7 .5-.5 78 moves complete score on icc interesting game ending in perpetual check of white any comments on nd7 idea would be nice. eric game is from denker memorial  I have 1.5 of 2 with black lost to becerra 2570 and gonzalez 2520 should of won that one time pressure got me drsgon is keeping me alive just want a yugoslav attack thogh
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