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Pirc Stats
03/12/18 at 20:43:43
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I worked out the occurences of the main White systems from my own Pirc games to get a feel of where I should spend my Pirc study time.

There were some expected things, i.e. Classical Nf3 systems most common (about 30% of my Pirc games in Total) and the Austrian being the next most common.

However there were some surprises, namely the Argentine and 150 Attacks being less common than I was expecting (maybe it just felt like more due to painfull losses  Sad )

Also note how often 3. Bd3 crops up. Fortunately I score well against it  Cool

Here are my percentages. How do other Pirc players stack up?

21.5%  Austrian Attack f4
13.8%  Byrne Bg5
12.0%  3. Bd3
10.5%  Classical Nf3+Be2
7.7%   Classical Nf3+Bc4
5.7%   Classical Nf3+h3 (Accelerated Classical)
5.7%   Argentine Attack Be3+f3
4.8%   Classical Nf3+Bg5 
4.0%   Fianchetto g3
3.6%   Classical Nf3+Be3 (150 Attack)
3.0%   3. f3
0.8%   Kholmov Bc4+Qe2

Note, for the missing %, there are some occasional oddballs like the Spike, but it's mostly move 2. deviations like 2. f4 and 2. Nc3 where white doesn't go d4, e.g. trying for a closed Sicilian.

Those who want to go by my perverse footsteps play such pawn structure with fuzzy atypical still strategic orientations

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, stuck in the middlegame with you
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