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Re: Cannot import pgns from this forum to my software
Reply #1 - 03/21/18 at 22:52:18
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Yes, well you will need to convert the html-escaped characters back to valid PGN characters. For example, %20 would be replaced by a space. Just use copy/replace in a text editor. An ascii chart will help you.

After doing it that way a few times, I decided to let the computer do the work, so I wrote a script. The attached script will do the job, provided you have an awk interpreter handy. I suppose a perl interpreter might also work. Depending on the source data, my script might leave some characters still escaped. In that case, you can add more definitions to the array in the BEGIN block.

I forgot to mention a detail. The script is expecting the pgndata to be on a single line, and starting with a single-quote character. This is the "inner html" as it appears on brabo's English blog. The chesspub pgndata is a little different, but if you add the single-quote at the beginning of the line, the script works fine.
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Cannot import pgns from this forum to my software
03/21/18 at 16:18:29
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I see the pgns posted, I press the download link but the problem is that the text my browser receives has these html characters, like %A2970 etc

So I can't import them into ScidVsPC or Lucas Chess.
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