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Normal Topic Laptop for Chessbase and Stockfish July 2018 (Read 1182 times)
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Laptop for Chessbase and Stockfish July 2018
07/02/18 at 17:30:33
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I'm thinking it's getting close to that that time, you know, when the old laptop is getting slow and sluggish, the HD is almost full and is of an age that it could die at any moment.

So, recommendations please for a replacement Windows laptop suitable for running Chessbase and Stockfish. It doesn't need to have a touch screen or be convertable to tablet format.

I want something fairly fast though, as well as reliable and fairly rugged (I travel a lot), probably with an SDD as well as HD, ideally below 1000 euros.

PS Yes, I know there are ways to run CB on an Apple machine but I'm definitely not taking that route.
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