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Normal Topic MCO style opening variation tables, in ChessBase ? (Read 1549 times)
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Re: MCO style opening variation tables, in ChessBase ?
Reply #1 - 08/05/18 at 12:07:27
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I was a happy user of CB 9 for a very long time too, but it is clearly outdated by now.

In later versions of CB in the notation window there is a tab called "Table" which probably does what you are looking for. I am using the current version of CB 14.
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MCO style opening variation tables, in ChessBase ?
08/05/18 at 08:19:36
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I have ChessBase_9, and Komodo_9.  They display variation moves in paragraph format only (I think only).

But I want to display variation moves in tabular format, somewhat similar to how MCO displays them in its bound books.

Of course, every move in every variation must be "active", meaning must be clickable to update a displayed chess position 2D diagram.

Is the "active" tabular MCO format possible in later versions of any known software?

I have a few chess active ebooks from ForwardChess . com, along with their bound paper editions (the combination is better than either alone).  One example is 'The Diamond Dutch' by Viktor Moskalenko.

I was vaguely told that ChessBase is the authoring tool for ForwardChess active ebooks. Moskalenko's active ebook seems to have a bit more formatting than I thought ChessBase is capable of. Can the latest ChessBase be used to create ForwardChess active ebooks that have MCO table of clickable variations?


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