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Re: Accelerated Dragon and 2700+ players
Reply #1 - 08/09/18 at 07:17:51
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It is not played much, mainly because Maroczy bind is so strong. It is very passive.

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Accelerated Dragon and 2700+ players
08/08/18 at 10:45:12
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I enjoy playing the Accelerated Dragon on the club level as it is a solid opening, yet offers Black some decent counter chances.

However, I am bit concerned that there are hardly any top players regularly employing Accelerated Dragon. When I follow the elite tournaments I don't see my favourite opening. It also may indicate that the top players realised this is not a good choice against accurate play by White.

What do you think? Is Accelerated Dragon a slightly off-beat opening?

And maybe you are aware of some 2700+ games in this opening?
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