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Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies) d4 repertoire based on Burgess & Trompovsky? (Read 8003 times)
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d4 repertoire based on Burgess & Trompovsky?
09/14/18 at 23:16:41
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Hi guys

I got interested into some 1.d4-lines for White and decided to try to switch to "Anti-Indian" d4-repertoire based on

d4 Nf6:
Trompowsky (I have Pert and Kindermann, will probably add recent book from Kryakvin later), which fascinates me and actually one of the reasons to get interested in playing d4

d4 d5:
more or less following Burgess repertoire recommendation in the slav and QG, with additional help from some recent publications in those lines, in order to make that repertoire bulletproof. And probably I deviate in some minor lines when I find something more suitable. All in all, I think I can get very comfortable playing White.

d4 vs g6/d6 -> transposing to e4-lines I already know quite well
d4 f5 Nc3 (interested in Sokolovs recent DVD for that matter)

I think that can be quite a competitive repertoire

However my problem is d4 e6. With all those possible transpositions to the Indians,Benoni,Dutch my options are limited here (and I dont want to enter a French)

Of course I could follow Burgess here, but is his choice, the Torre, really an opening to trust against stronger opponents?
(Also his lines vs Dutch via e6 and this annoying d4 e6 Nf3 c5 move order got me some headaches) I have the feeling if I adopt those lines I have a weak spot in my repertoire right from the start.

And what could be the alternatives? Zukertort is out of question and London does not really convince me either at the moment after watching some black recommendations from Gustafsson and King resp.

So I am interested what people with similar repertoire approaches would advise me here.
How would you solve this e6-problem ? Do I underrate Torre and it is actually more reliable? Or would you advise to learn the London complex just because of that e6-move? Or is there some other possibility I forgot?

thanks and cheers
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